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Tips from the Most Democratic Workplaces on the Planet

Democratic Workplaces

Democracy is considered the perfect system of creating an organization that serves everyone equally. The workplaces that are more democratic can offer more freedom to the workers rather than a fear-based culture. Several of the Fortune 500 companies support a freedom-based mindset to keep a healthy environment in their workplace. Rather than controlling the employees with fear-based management, some industry leaders are focused on creating a freedom mindset. It helps the employees to take initiatives for the progress of the company without fearing the consequences. In order to build these freedom-centered organizations, the top leadership must have high self-worth. Here are some examples of world-class cultures that work democratically.

The accountability

If the employees can take accountability for their work, they also develop ownership for it. This allows people, the higher-ups, to judge their juniors for only what they are accountable for. It takes the pressure off the employees of being blamed by the higher-ups for everything that fails.

Democratic Workplaces

Choose your own manager

According to a study, 70% of the people who voluntarily leave their job do it because of a crappy manager. While it may not affect the manager in any way, it is a problem for the organization as a whole. A democratic workplace allows people to choose their own leaders when they take up tasks.


Decentralization gives power to the people to make decisions for the company. A voting system that involves all the employees can make them feel valued by the company. They can decide small matters like picking the right seats for themselves and big matters for the company like picking the next marketing campaign.

Democratic Workplaces

Dialogue and listening

Organizations like Mindvalley practice the “brutal honesty sessions” where employees can raise questions anonymously. They use dialogue and listening to communicate with their employees at all times. It helps the organization take valuable criticism from the team while also receive valuable ideas.

Individual and collective

Sometimes organizations have too much emphasis on individual performances or sometimes on collective performances. As a result, someone’s individual performance can overshadow the collective efforts of the teams, or a collective performance does not recognize someone’s individual efforts. That is why the individual and collective performances have to be in balance, so everyone gets recognized and also understands the role they play for the bigger picture.

Democratic Workplaces


Democratic organizations value integrity while dealing with their clients. They value how the client is doing while working with them. They have special spaces and meetings to create retrospectives that help them understand their clients better while also working on themselves to adjust according to their client’s needs.

Singular vision

Democratic Workplaces

Democratic organizations want their employees to understand that they will be working towards a singular goal as a team. If the employee’s vision does not match that of the team, it can result in misdirected approaches that do not help anyone. That is why organizations make sure that they hire people who share similar progressive goals as the organization so they can ride the same bus.

What exactly is platform cooperativism ?

platform cooperativism

In this article, I am going to be talking all about platform cooperativism and what it means.

A platform cooperative or a platform co-op is basically a cooperatively owned and also democratically governed business that is establishing a commuting platform and also makes use of a website, mobile application or even a protocol to facilitate the sale of services and goods. It is actually quite interesting and quite simple if you think about it.

Platform cooperatives are basically an alternate to the venture capital-funded platforms, and they are also owned and governed by those who completely depend on them the most, who happen to be users, stakeholders and workers as well.

platform cooperativism

While there are absolutely no commonly accepted typology of platform cooperatives, researchers often anthologise platform cooperatives by the industry. A lot of potential categories happen to include transportation, journalism, labour, creative projects, film, home healthcare, music, photography, marketplaces and data cooperatives. Other kinds of typologies usually differentiate the platform cooperatives by the governance and also the ownership structures.

platform cooperativism

Basically, platform cooperatives have actually been contrasted with platform capitalism. Companies that try to focus on the fairness and also the sharing, instead of the profit motive or actually described as cooperatives. Whereas, traditional and common companies actually focus only on profit like Uber and other capitalist companies. In turn, projects like Wikipedia that actually rely on labour that is unpaid or even volunteers can actually be classified as common based peer production initiatives that are extremely important for the community.

There are a lot of platform cooperatives that make use of business models that are similar to better go on applications or even Web services, but with a huge cooperative structure. For example, there are a lot of driver on the taxi applications that usually allow the customers to submit trip requests and also notify the nearest driver, just like Uber. The internet of ownership website basically includes a directory of cooperative platform ecosystem.

• EVA is a ride-sharing application that offers a very similar service to Uber. But if you’re talking about the cooperative members, you should think about the better wages for the drivers.

• Look at fairbnb .coop, and you will understand what I’m talking about. It is an online marketplace and also hospitality service for individuals who want to lease or even rent short-term lodging. It is basically a community of coders, researchers, designers and activists who are working to create a platform to enable the hosts and guests so that they can connect for travel and also cultural exchange, while also minimising cost to communities. It is basically an alternative to commercial platforms. That is why it is quite important indeed.

Platform co-operativism and info about it

Platform co-operativism

A platform cooperative or even a platform co-op is a cooperatively owned and democratically governed business that establishes a computing platform that makes use of a website, protocol, a mobile application so that it can facilitate the sale of goods and services as well. It helps the workers, relevant stakeholders and users.

• It is basically an intellectual framework and also a movement that happens to advocate for the global development of platform cooperators. It advocates solutions claim that technology is by default the answer for all of our social problems.

• With the help of technology, we have come very far. The proponents of the movement claim that ethical commitment means like a building of global commons and also the support of inventive unions, promotion of ecological and social sustainability as well as social decisions are basically necessary to shape an equitable and also a very fair social economy.

Platform co-operativism

• Platform cooperativism is something that clearly advocates for the coexistence of cooperatively owned business models and also traditional extractive models with the sheer goal of a more diversified digital labour landscape that respect very fair working conditions.

• It draws upon all kinds of digital this intermediation, including peer to peer production movement, which usually advocates for new kinds of democratic and also economic participation.

• Upon the free participation of equal partners that are completely engaged in the production of common sources as well as radically distributed by non-market mechanisms, it happens to be quite important indeed.

• While the platform cooperatives are usually structured as cooperatives, granting democratic control to all kinds of customers, users, workers and other kinds of key stakeholders, companies initiatives that support the ecosystem of all of the cooperative platform economy or actually considered to be a very huge part of the entire movement.

• They make use of it to encourage, sustain and also develop the development. It has also been clearly argued that the spread of the very platform will usually require a very different kind of ecosystem with appropriate law, policy, culture and finance.

• It has to support the development of democratic online enterprises.

• In the year 2014, that is the labour discourse actually shifted to the sharing economy and it resulted in a huge increase in both media and academic attention to the practises and also the policies of all online markets for goods, services and labour as well.

• Other kinds of research that have been focused on automated management of the digital workplace by algorithms, without any of the workforce, also made a headline.

• Basically, the Internet of ownership is a very popular website that maintains a global directory of all the platform cooperatives and a huge calendar of events that are concerning the platform cooperative movement.